Melbourne Roadworthy Centres: A Professional And Genuine Roadworthy Certificate Provider

Road safety is of prime importance for the passengers and the drivers. The government likes to take measures for ensuring that vehicles running on the road are in a good condition so that accidents can be avoided. In certain situations it becomes a necessity to get a Roadworthy Certificate. A situation where a Roadworthy Certificate is required includes selling of a vehicle, re-registering a vehicle and in some situations for clearing a defect present in the vehicle. Some vehicles are exempt from the requirement of a Certificate of Roadworthiness like brand new vehicles, those that are not designed for carrying passengers and goods on a highway and specially constructed vehicles.

Only a vehicle tester who owns a license can inspect a vehicle from a nominated garage or a service station. A vehicle needs to pass an inspections test in order to get a certificate of roadworthiness. There are certain features of vehicle which are inspected in a roadworthiness test:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering, suspension and brakes
  • Seats and belts
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Structure of the vehicle
  • Windscreen, windows, wipers, washers
  • Other safety features

What is not inspected?

Test of roadworthiness is not a test of the reliability or condition of a vehicle. The following is not inspected:

  • General condition of the vehicle
  • Non safety related features like the air conditioner and others
  • That the features which are checked during roadworthy inspection will continue to work after the inspection

Roadworthiness test is not a full assessment of a vehicle’s compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADRs). For a comprehensive checking of all vehicle parts, reliability and condition of a vehicle a separate vehicle inspection must be arranged. To get additional information on Roadworthy Certificate visit company MELBOURNE ROADWORTHY CENTRES.


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