Importance of Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificate

If you want to build the value of your vehicle then considering a Roadworthy Certificate is the best option. This is the certificate required to ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition and safe to drive on the road. Also, it permits the vehicle to be used for commuting and carrying goods.

In case you are thinking of selling or buying a used car then having Roadworthy Certificate is the best. Further, this certificate guarantees that your vehicle has passed all safety standard inspection and is ready to use.

Reasons You Should Acquire a Roadworthy Certificate

  • Planning to buy a car
  • Applying for vehicle registration
  • To ensure overall safety of vehicle

Advantages of Roadworthy Certificate

  • The roadworthy certificate ensures that there is no oil leakage inside your vehicle and other components of your vehicle. It also incorporates lights, horn, brake oil and brake performance. It will assure fitting of the vehicle and considering that there are no illegal modifications in your car.
  • To guarantee the overall safety of the vehicle and of your family members, consider maintaining your vehicle from time to time repair and servicing. Also, by getting the certificate you can make sure that the important parts of your vehicle are in good condition. For example, assuring your tyres is not worn out to avoid future accidents.
  • Roadworthy standards are set by several local governments in different countries to determine the quality of the vehicle. If you will get this certificate then it assures that your vehicle is in a safe condition.
  • The last stage involves the inspection of your car and after that; this certificate is issued within one week. The mechanics will check all vital spare parts of your car and after that, they will issue this certificate. In case if you fail to obtain the certificate, then you can apply for the same after the specific timeframe.

Where Can You Get a Roadworthy Certificate?

If you are searching for an efficient provider of roadworthy certificate then contact Melbourne Roadworthy Centre – An authorised VicRoads Licence Vehicle Tester, providing Roadworthy Certificates and Inspections. Call at 1300 558 115 and obtain a certificate now!


Infographic: Essential Safety Checks to Keep Your Car Running Smooth and Safely!

Roadworthy Certificate Inspection Infographic

Nowadays keeping your car well-maintained is very important to ensure safety. This will keep you safe on the road and getting where you want to go as it is for your safety. Therefore, to let your car running smoothly it is suggested to perform essential safety checks once every month especially before you are planning big trips.

Get a roadworthy certificate to perform all your safety checks, which covers anything related to safety and functionality of the vehicle. Take a look at these safety checks to avoid the future accident or claim.


We all know that safety of the car is depended on the type of tyres. A well-maintained tyre is good for running smooth car with ease. Hence, it is important to do regular checks of your tyres to avoid wear and damage. The process of roadworthy certificate considers the thorough checking of tyres in order to improve fuel economy, tyre life and safety.


Having any of the lights on your car not working properly is dangerous. So, be sure to check your turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights and of course your headlights on regular basis. Ensure that you are safe on dark roads by having roadworthiness of your car including full-proofed inspection of lights.


Don’t wait for that squealing sound that tells you about the bad condition of your car brakes. Instead get a roadworthy certificate to perform safety checks and ensure good condition of the brake. This can help you to stop quickly so you can avoid a crash.


It is prevailing assumed that windscreen will almost need replacing when it comes time for a roadworthy inspection. Because it is essential that windscreens should be clear and clean to avoid the future accidents.


If you have ever driven a car without power steering, then you know the importance of checking the fluid. Without that your power steering can fail, making it harder to control your car. Hence, consider a roadworthy certificate from professionals to maintain perfect working of your car’s power and ensuring safety.

So, if you want to perform all these mentioned safety checks then maintain roadworthiness standards of your existing vehicle. In order to get the roadworthy certificate, contact Melbourne Roadworthy Centres, to maintain the integrity of your car. Call at 1300 558 115 for a trustworthy service.

Melbourne Roadworthy Centres: A Professional And Genuine Roadworthy Certificate Provider

Road safety is of prime importance for the passengers and the drivers. The government likes to take measures for ensuring that vehicles running on the road are in a good condition so that accidents can be avoided. In certain situations it becomes a necessity to get a Roadworthy Certificate. A situation where a Roadworthy Certificate is required includes selling of a vehicle, re-registering a vehicle and in some situations for clearing a defect present in the vehicle. Some vehicles are exempt from the requirement of a Certificate of Roadworthiness like brand new vehicles, those that are not designed for carrying passengers and goods on a highway and specially constructed vehicles.

Only a vehicle tester who owns a license can inspect a vehicle from a nominated garage or a service station. A vehicle needs to pass an inspections test in order to get a certificate of roadworthiness. There are certain features of vehicle which are inspected in a roadworthiness test:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering, suspension and brakes
  • Seats and belts
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Structure of the vehicle
  • Windscreen, windows, wipers, washers
  • Other safety features

What is not inspected?

Test of roadworthiness is not a test of the reliability or condition of a vehicle. The following is not inspected:

  • General condition of the vehicle
  • Non safety related features like the air conditioner and others
  • That the features which are checked during roadworthy inspection will continue to work after the inspection

Roadworthiness test is not a full assessment of a vehicle’s compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADRs). For a comprehensive checking of all vehicle parts, reliability and condition of a vehicle a separate vehicle inspection must be arranged. To get additional information on Roadworthy Certificate visit company MELBOURNE ROADWORTHY CENTRES.

Buying used car? Don’t forget to ask for Roadworthy Certificate!!

Roadworthy Melbourne

Roadworthy certificate is one of the most important documents required while selling or buying a vehicle. It ensures that the vehicle is in good condition and is safe to be driven on the road. It also permits vehicles to commute and carry cargos. So, if you are planning to sell your car or buy a used car, roadworthy certificate is the first thing you need. The certificate ensures that the vehicle has passed the safety inspection and is ready to use.

Below listed are some points describing the significance of procuring the roadworthy certificate:-

  • If you are planning to buy the used car, it’s of utmost importance to acquire the roadworthy certificate, as without it you won’t be able to transfer the car on your name. Roadworthy certificate also ensures that you’re investing in a right vehicle and is safe to be driven.

  • Roadworthy certificate is important for you to get on roads. Without certificate you won’t be allowed to drive or even register your car. Thus ensure you have this certificate before you visit you the automobile department near you.

  • Safety comes first and a car with roadworthy certificate ensures that it is without any faults and is safe to drive.

Before issuing the roadworthy certificate a thorough inspection of car is carried out which include brakes, engines, clutches, seat, seatbelts, headlights, windows, windscreens, tyres, air-conditioning systems, exhaust valve and many more.

Melbourne Roadworthy Centres is one of the most reputed and trusted company providing roadworthy certificates and inspections with utmost integrity and honesty. Our team of qualified inspectors ensures to carry out the inspections with the fastest turnaround time and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Besides this, Melbourne Roadworthy Centres also handles all the mechanical repairs and services. For a free price quote, do give us a call on 1300 558 115